About Me

My name is Tomas, I’m from Argentina and I’m a web developer specialized on Drupal and Magento front-end (Certified). I have 15+ years of experience as web developer.

Also, I expert in converting PSD to HTML/CSS, with pixel-by-pixel detail, using SASS/LESS and I have a lot experience on jQuery/JavaScript. I work with Git (Github/Gitlab), task estimates and ticket systems (Jira, ActiveCollab, Assembla, etc.), I am very organized and constant in my work.

About me and Drupal

I have 8+ years of experience working with Drupal, worked on 40+ Drupal sites and 100+ custom modules/extensions for all possible applications, from simple forms to big pages using Solr (for search), APIs integration (Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc). Worked on modules for statistics, reports, CMR and a lot of other applications.

About me and Magento

I'm a Magento Front-end Certified, I have 5+ years of experience working with it and, although I am front-end, I can do many backend tasks, not commonly known to many front-end developers like as extend/override modules and update the default logic in order to work closely with other developers and implement advanced features. And of course, all of the thing about templates, layout, JavaScript. I'm using sass on the projects to generate a better and more ordered CSS.